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Why I support the Recall of George Gascon

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Supporting the recall of District Attorney George Gascon, is not a hard decision for me. Criminal Justice Reform is long overdue, but George Gascon has taken it to the next level.

Criminals are prioritized over their Victims. 17 year olds who rape young girls are charged as children so they are released in 2-3 years. Violent Criminals who use Guns or other weapons while committing a crime are not charged with appropriate Enhancements, meaning they will spend less time in jail.

I think we all agree that non violent offenders should be punished by the law, but that jail is not always the punishment needed. we must have diversion programs, wether addiction treatment, counseling for life skills and or job training. But we are not doing any of this! We have reduced many felonies down to misdemeanors, but misdemeanors can still mean jail time. George Gascon is flouting our laws and the will of the voters. We rejected a No Bail system, yet Gascon puts it into place anyways. sending violent criminals back to the streets while awaiting trial, many times to never show. There are no consequences for illegal behavior. It is time to end this failed eperiment. We can have Justice Reform that is fair and Equitable without coddling Violent and repeat offenders!

So join me in the recall! Watch for my Event updates and where I will be to come and meet me and sign the petitions as I show up at events throughout District 3 of LA County to gather signatures so we can restore sanity to the city/county that we all Love!

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