Misinformation Campaign or Government Propaganda?

So, the #LACountyBoardofSupervisors (sans Kathryn Barger) want to set up a task force to dispel so called misinformation. While we should all stand for Truth! We all know that your Truth and someone else's Truth can be both true and wrong at the same time depending on one's perspective. This waste of Taxpayer resources sets the county down a very slippery slope of pushing government propaganda! For only they are smart enough, wise enough to decide what we can and can't see, what we can and cannot say! This is not the role of Government in a free society! #FreedomofSpeech and Thought are the very pillars of our Republic! Having an Elite bureaucracy sitting in their Ivory Towers telling us what they deem is Truth goes against everything we hold dear! We must PUSH back against this Authoritarianism! Our government is there to protect our Freedoms, even the Freedom to Think differently, To believe a different set of facts, even if they are wrong or appear to be wrong.

We need not need a Government Mis-info department to bring Trust back to the Government and its policies, we need a government that Governs to protect our rights and not that of the elite and powerful! We need a government focused on solving the Big Issues of our day! Homelessness, Crime, Affordability, Job Creation! Clean, Reliable and Affordable Energy Production. We need our Roads paved; our water mains replaced! Not some bureaucrat telling us what Truth is! When Government gets back to Basics doing the things, we created it do, rather than acting as our Overlords, then we can get back to believing in our once great institutions! But until then take your Mis-info dept and shove it where the bureaucracy does not shine.

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