Election Corruption

So as a Newbie to running for elected office, I knew it would be hard road to pave, what I did not expect was my own government putting up roadblock after roadblock! Here I will discuss one of those roadblocks. It's called the Campaign Statement. You see it on the Sample Ballots mailed to you by the County. One would think this would just be an automatic part of your already expensive filing fee, but NO! The County of Los Angeles Charges $26,000 for a candidate to tell you, the voter a little about themselves and why they are running. Yes, that is correct, while I do make typos that is not one of them.

This fee is so cost prohibitive that it keeps ordinary citizens from running. You must have deep pockets like Rick Caruso or be entrenched in the corrupt machine of party politics to be able to afford to run.

This is the Dirty Little Secret no one talks about! Until Now! We live in the bluest of bluest cities/counties/states, where we hear nothing about protecting democracy and ballot accessibility. Yet we hear nothing about the hurdle's candidates face getting on the ballot, or once they are on, giving you the voter information about us. Some will say "Well no one really reads those statements" well then why print them? Why the Obscene Fee? Now think of your average citizen that makes sure they vote each election but does not always tune into to the cacophony of the campaign, for mental health they have stopped listening to the news, toss out mailers before reading, so that the statement is all they have to make up their mind or decide to check out a candidate further. You don't have $26,000.00 or access to the internet, too bad for you! You're better off not knowing about that candidate because the powers that be wanting to shepherd you into their approved and ready-made candidates! Don't think for yourself! The Government has done it for you! This is what Outrageous Fees to Run Do! This is why we have the same career politicians bouncing from one Government job to the Next! This is why we have a government that has brought us the worst humanitarian crisis this state has faced since the Great Depression!

So, I will not pay the Ransom! The pipers will not get my money! But know that I am Fighting for you! I am fighting to bring back #CommonSense and end this dystopian nightmare we see unfolding on our streets! I am fighting for our Democracy! and I will fight to end these arbitrary and outrageous fees!

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